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Aire-Master warehouse alternate view

Aire-Master’s commitment to your product doesn’t end when we finish making it. We also make sure your order gets shipped to you as quickly and inexpensively as possible. Being centrally located in the Midwest helps keep costs down. And because our shipping, manufacturing, and company offices are all part of the same facility, our departments communicate efficiently. The person who takes your order is only steps away from the person who ships it. Everyone knows the status of your order and when it must ship.

We will, of course, use any shipping company you prefer. But Aire-Master’s shipping department continually contacts all the freight lines to find the best possible rates for each customer.

  • Aggressive shopping for the best shipping rates
  • If a cheap rate is available, we’ll find it
  • We have saved customers thousands of dollars
  • Central shipping location
  • Efficient, open communication between departments