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FAQ — Customer Service

  • What is your return policy? We work very hard to make our customers satisfied with their products. We also make sure all the product specifications, pricing, terms, and conditions are clearly understood by all parties. On custom products — specifically made for a customer — we do not accept returns unless the product is found to be faulty.
  • What financing options do you have available for customers? We do not offer financing. Our terms are Net 30 Days from the shipping date.
  • What are your requirements for emergency / rush orders? We know that emergencies can arise. We have no requirements beyond normal minimums. Aire-Master is flexible and will do everything we can to meet your deadline; if we can’t, we’ll tell you so up front.
  • What other services can you offer us? We provide custom formulation, expert product knowledge, container sourcing, packaging and display design, private labeling, fast turnaround, and quality control. If you are looking to formulate a new product, or match an existing one, we can do it.
  • What can your creative department offer us?
    1. In house graphic design service.
    2. Label, package, and display design.
    3. Renderings of finished product.
    4. Ready-to-go retail line.
    5. See our Packaging Design page for more.